I was a software engineering intern at Facebook in the summer of 2012. I was on the Platform Growth team working to improve the user experience on Facebook Canvas apps, and worked on an API for them. Outside of my team I worked on the first version of Weddings & Celebrations, a feature that encouraged posting on your friend's walls after a significant life event. We began by adding support for weddings, followed by a new Life Event for Expecting a Baby. Expecting a Baby was completely intern-created! We then integrated it into W&C (which involved a complete rewrite) and pushed it out live to the world! In addition to that, I was also able to present two unreleased Hackathon projects I did directly to Mark Zuckerberg.
Party Rock Illinois
Party Rock Illinois was our project for Engineering Open House in 2011.
Wolfram Research Inc.
I worked at Wolfram in Fall & Spring 2011, and am back in Fall 2012.
ICPC is a programming organization I particpate in at UIUC. Last year, my team went to regionals in Springfield, Illinois, and placed 4th of 30+.
Neal Shusterman
I run the website for teen author Neal Shusterman
Clements HS Band
I was in the band for 4 years, and ran the website
Clements HS Computer Science
I participated in the CS Club at my high school.